September 17, 2012

TV Meets Real Life

We don’t have cable but we do get several free channels.  Our favorite is the Discovery Channel.  They have several shows that we enjoy, like Mythbusters, American Guns, Property Wars and Gold Rush.  Actually, we like most of the shows on Discovery.  Our favorite is Auction Kings

It’s such a fun show!  We love seeing the random things that people bring in to auction off.  We enjoy learning about the items they highlight and root for the house when it’s being auctioned.

There just so happens to be an auction house near us.  We drive by it on the highway and I’ve been saying we should go sometime for the past 3 years.  Well, we finally went!

It’s nothing like Auction Kings but it is fun.  We looked on the website to see what they would have and then we went on Friday to see the items in person.  We were interested in a dog crate, a pile of wood and a lot of storage totes.  We really wanted the dog crate and the other items went first so we didn’t bid on them.  We set a limit and waited.  When it was up we reached our limit pretty quickly.  We walked away with nothing but it was free entertainment for the morning.

Some of the tools went dirt cheap…like 5 bucks for a few items.  I think The Man wants to go next month for this birthday to add to his tool collection!  They also had plants and people were getting great deals on them!  A plum tree for $5?  I’ll take it!  We didn’t but maybe next time.  We’re looking forward to hopefully getting some plants there in the spring.

Munchkin did great too.  The Man carried her in the new carrier we got.  A friend let us borrow her Mei Tai carrier but 2012-09-15 08.48.04Munchkin doesn’t like it.  She cries when we put her in it unless she’s asleep.  So we broke down and bought an Ergo carrier along with the infant insert.  Munchkin likes it much, much better.  I’m going to try the Mei Tai again when she gets older.  I really need a carrier that she won’t cry in because I’m planning on flying with her soon and want a carrier to to carry her in through the airport.  She did great in it and slept almost the entire time.  We were there for two and a half hours.  And yes Nana, we made sure to keep her out of the sun so she wouldn’t burn.

Have you ever been to an auction?


  1. That sounds like fun! Looking forward to your visit and hope it will work out for us to get together!

  2. An auction house! How fun! I've always wanted to do that too. I highly reccommend getting a carrier you and baby both love for flying, not only for the airport but for the flight. Much easier on your arms! Good luck!

  3. We LOOOOOOOOOVE our Ergo. Vivien cries in her stroller if she is in it for longer than like 20 minutes. That's her max. So the Ergo was a godsend.

  4. I'm still getting her used to it. I hope she loves it!

  5. We have the Ergo so now I'm just trying to get her used to it! She does pretty well. We'll also be on a red eye so she should sleep. Should being the key word:)

  6. Marshall preferred the Ergo as well. I used it all the time and was sad when he got to heavy for it.

  7. I'm still hoping she'll love it. She tolerates it at this point:)


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