September 18, 2012

Not Surprised

I got a phone call today.  I wasn’t expecting it but it didn’t surprise me.  It was from my mom and she had bad news for me.  A close family friend lost her battle with cancer today.

I called her Auntie growing up even though there is no shared blood.  When I was 9 I spent the summer with her.  I got to swim in her pool and and read her daughter’s Nancy Drew books (she had them all in hardcover.  It was a book lover’s dream!)  Auntie and Uncle bought a cottage in Cape Cod and Uncle  redid it.  It was gorgeous when it was done and I loved visiting them there.  As I got older they would let me borrow it for a night or a weekend.  The summer I worked on Cape Cod they let me bring some friends to relax.  Auntie was giving and fun.  You knew that when you spent time with her you’d end up laughing.  As for the giving aspect, after they bought the cape house they decided they didn’t need/want their pool anymore.  I had asked them if they ever decided to get rid of their pool if I could have it.  They had said yes so guess what?  I got the pool!  My parents were ok with it and we had it for a long time.  I remember being in shock because who gives away their pool?!?  At least that’s what a 10 year old thought.

In the past few years we haven’t been as close but they still hold a special place in my heart.  I’m sitting here, trying to figure out what I should write.  I have nothing though.  I’m still in shock.  I knew she was sick and not doing well.  I wasn’t expecting this though.  I just expected her to get better.  My heart is hurting for her husband,  daughter, son in law and grandchildren.  I know that they were close and I can just imagine the pain they are feeling.

Since they (whoever they are) say that death comes in threes and this is the third death in September, I’m hoping it’s done.  And I’m very, very ready for September to be over.


  1. So sorry for your loss especially during this difficult month for you. Thinking of you!

  2. Oh hun, I'm so sorry for your loss. We choose our family, even if they aren't blood. Saying a prayer for you and her family.


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