September 20, 2012

Two Months

Munchkin is two months!  I love watching her grow.  She’s smiling and cooing even more now.  She’s also starting to not like the camera.  She’ll be smiling and cooing and you pull out the camera and she stops immediately.  I’m hoping she doesn’t cry like her daddy did but I guess we’ll have to see.

Munchkin is still a super sleeper.  She takes several naps a day and I often join her in the afternoon.  She’s doing well at night as well, usually only waking up once or twice. 

Breastfeeding is still going strong. We often just stare at each other while she nurses.  I love when she smiles at me round the nipple.  It’s kinda like she’s saying “Thanks Mom!”  or “I love you!”  Once she falls asleep I usually have my kindle nearby so I can read while she continues to eat.  I’m behind in the books I want to read this year and I’m trying to catch up.

2012-09-17 17.02.28

Sleeping beauty.  I could watch her for hours.

2012-09-17 19.56.25

A happy baby after eating.

2012-09-17 19.58.11

She’s wondering what her silly puppies are doing.

2012-09-17 09.57.10

She was smiling right before I took this…promise!

2012-09-17 09.52.37

No more pictures Mom!  People are tired of seeing me!


  1. She's so cute. Congratulations! We took so many pictures of Marsh that he started to anticipate the flash. I have lots of pictures of him squinting waiting for a flash :)

  2. They're so cute at this age!

  3. Don't really care if people are tired of seeing her - don't look. Nana wants to see her as much as possible happy,sad,grumpy,crying, I want to see my Porah girl any way I can

  4. That's cause you're Nana! Not everyone loves her like we do:)


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