October 31, 2012

10 Things That Made Me Smile in October

October has been a great month!  Here’s what made me smile:

1-7. Trip to MA

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How can these pictures not make you smile?   I know I’m biased but this baby is ADORABLE!  We had a great time in MA seeing family and friends and enjoying the fall foliage.

8.  Returning Home to WA

As nice as it is to be away, it’s great to return home.  I’m loving sleeping in my own bed and having The Man around!  Munchkin was super happy to see daddy too.


9.  A Growing Girl

We had a great doctor’s appointment on Monday.  Munchkin is growing well!  At three and a half months, she’s 25 inches long and 14lbs 15 oz.  Both those stats are in the 90th percentile.  She’s teething and grabbing at toys (her favorite is her rattle) to put in her mouth to gum on.  She’s not interested in rolling but really wants to sit up.  If you prop her up on a pillow, she tries to pull herself up.  It looks like she’s doing crunches.  She also loves it when you hold her up so she can stand.  She’s a growing girl and I love it!

10.  Coming Home to a Super Clean House

When I walked into the house after two weeks away, I was elated to see that my husband had cleaned it.  It shone.  It smelled so nice, clutter was gone, fall decorations were up and there was no dog hair in sight.  I left the house a mess and he cleaned it up.  True love that is.  That man is so good to me!2012-10-28 14.12.42


I’m linking up with Emmy over at Emmy Mom.


  1. awww... clean houses are awesome. And how awesome is your little one! Oh my gosh she's just so cute! I'll be coming home in July and I darn well better be able to get some cuddles on those cheeks!

  2. Yea! Love your list! Looks like it was a great visit- though yes there is never anything quite as nice as your own bed. And lucky lady to come home to a clean house! Thanks so much for linking up!

  3. YAY for coming home in July! Of course we should get together:)

    Clean houses are the best:)

  4. Thanks for hosting the link up! I enjoy it every month:)


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