October 16, 2012


Ever since I told my mom I would travel to MA with Munchkin I was nervous about the plane ride.  The closer it got the more I started to worry and stress about it.  I knew that there wasn't a whole lot I could do. Baby girl is 3 months and while I can do my best to keep her from crying, let's face it, she's a baby and babies cry.

So I did what I could do to prepare.  I dressed her in a onesie and leg warmers for easy diaper changes, had the ergo for easy carrying in the airport and we booked a nonstop red eye flight (to be honest, it was our favorite flight without her.)  I was also telling myself that I could only do my best and if she cried, she cried.  As a friend pointed out on Facebook, it's not like I'm ever going to see any of those people again.

So we get to the airport and we have a little extra time so we headed to the USO so I could nurse Munchkin.  Once we headed to security there was no one there so I was able to walk right through.  The TSA people thought she was adorable and of course I agreed.  I didn't have to wait to long to board and we got settled.  We were in the extra space seats on JetBlue and the extra leg room was nice.  It would be nice if they also made the seat a little wider but oh well.

I was in the window and just after I sat down the passenger in the aisle sat down.  I waited nervously to see who would be sitting in between us.  Thankfully, the flight wasn't full so no one was there!  Even better was the fact that the row in front of us was empty and the lady moved up to that row.  I don't think she was all that excited to be in the same row as a baby!  I enjoyed having the whole row to myself.  It was so nice to be able to spread out and have baby stuff in the seat next to me.

Munchkin did well but as we started taxiing, Munchkin started to cry.  She cried as we took off.  I was going to nurse her to help with her ears but she didn't want to.  Her ears didn't seem to both her which was nice.  She cried during take off and after about 20 minutes of crying she fell asleep.  I was so thankful I was only THAT MOM with the crying baby for a short time.  She also wasn't the only kiddo crying so I didn't feel quite so bad!

She slept the whole flight.  My arm fell asleep and I needed to use the restroom so after about 1/2 way through I put the ergo on and it helped a lot.  She woke up right before we landed and I was able to nurse.  She was a happy baby and that made me really happy.  I was holding her up to my shoulder and patting her back after we landed and all of a sudden she threw up on me.  It got on my  shoulder, back and on my pants.  It just made me smile because when I was about a year old and flew with my mom, I threw up on her.  I was prepared unlike my mom (YAY for learning from her!) with an extra shirt.

Overall, the flight went so well.  I'm hoping that the flight back home isn't full either because the extra space was so nice!  As for being here in MA, it's been fun so far!  Nana is a happy camper and getting lots of munchkin snuggles.


  1. Nothing you can do about it for sure. Except be prepared... which you were. Hope you have a great trip! When do you get back??

  2. So smart to bring an extra shirt! My oldest flew with me when he was 3 months old and had a disgusting blowout, which leaked through his diaper and clothes and right through my shirt. AND, we still had one last connecting flight, so the poor fellow sitting next to me had to smell baby poop for the entire duration of the flight. (I ended up throwing away his clothes on the layover and wrapping him in a blanket that the USO gave me... sidenote: the USO in the Charlotte, NC airport is wonderful).

  3. thats awesome!! Evelyn did a good job her first time too! and her 2nd and 3rd lol. People are mean though about it, I had people ask me if she was going to be good on the flight, I had people avoid me and just act like I was evil for bringing my child on a plane...she showed them uo and was pretty good for all our flights! I hope Munchkin is good on the flight home! Enjoy your time in MA!

  4. It's wonderful she did so well! I hope the flight back goes well too. I'm flying home for a visit next week. I wonder if we'll be there at the same time! ;)

  5. I wonder if we were there at the same time! Maybe next time we can figure it out and if so we can meet:)


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