November 29, 2012

Aquiring a Chirtmas Tree

We love Christmas in our house.  It’s one of our favorite times of the year and even though we’ve only been married for three years, we already have some traditions.  One of those is getting our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving.2012-11-24 15.54.26  We were so excited to take Munchkin with us. Christmas is so much more fun and meaningful with a baby!

When I was growing up, my parents didn’t decorate for Christmas until the middle of the month.  My birthday is in December and my mom always waited until it was over to decorate.  That way I got my time and didn’t get overshadowed by Christmas.  It took until I was in middle school that I was able to convince my parents that we could decorate earlier.  We usually got a real tree and we would go around to all the tree sellers and pick one.  It was hard trying to agree! It was also hard to see exactly what the tree looked like since it had been all tied up.  We would get it home and have to wait for it to fall.  I was always so impatient to decorate it! (The picture is of Munchkin ready to go hunting for our tree!)

2012-11-24 16.20.39So when we were first married and The Man said he wanted to go and cut down our tree, I was all for it!  I love this tradition.  We go to a tree farm about 3 miles from our house.  We got there around 4 and had about 20 minutes to find our tree.  Not so good on the planning side but the good news is that we managed to find the perfect tree!  We were just walking around and as we were leaving I just couldn’t!  I told The Man I felt like we were leaving the perfect tree.  So he cut it down for us and it’s now sitting prettily in our living room.2012-11-24 16.21.20


Do you have your tree up yet?

What are your Christmas tree traditions?


  1. Yay for finding the perfect tree. We haven't put ours up yet since we are moving 5 days before Christmas.

  2. ahh… the good ol' days of chopping down our own Christmas Tree. After our sad episode with a real tree in Japan we have a beautiful fake tree that we use every year. But I loved going out with my dad and brother then picking out and cutting down our own tree… good memories.

  3. Yup, it's fun! We had a fake tree growing up. Though I'd love to hear the story of the tree in Japan...

  4. I think moving around Christmas is so hard! Will you still get a tree or just make do without one?


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