March 20, 2013


I haven’t been looking forward to today for about a month now.  Due to my dad being diagnosed with colon cancer when he was in his mid 30’s, I get to be checked for it as well.  I’ve been checked on and off since I was 9 so it’s not like it’s my first time getting a colonoscopy.

While I don’t enjoy them, the actual procedure isn’t too bad.  It’s the prep and for me, the IV.  I hate IVs with a passion.  I had a really bad experience as a kid getting on (for a colonoscopy no less!)  I’ll be honest, the prep this time wasn’t as bad as in the past.  It gets a little easier every time!

So three things are on my mind today as a result of this:

1.  The stupid IV. Hate, hate, hate that thing. 

2.  As a result of waking up in the past during the procedure and remembering, I get to have deep sedation.  As a result I was told that I can’t breastfeed for 24 hours.  That’s a long time! My poor baby is going to be beside herself.  I’ve tried pumping and have gotten very little.  I’ve taken what little I has stored in the freezer out to defrost.  Last time we tried to give Munchkin frozen breast milk she refused it.  So we might be trying formula (except that she refused that last time too…) 

3.  The results.  I know my days are numbered (Psalm 139:16) and whatever is found today doesn’t change that.  I’m still nervous though.  I’d appreciate prayer.  Thanks so much!

I’m off to snuggle and feed my baby, finish prepping and daydream about the chicken I’m going to eat when this in done!


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