April 3, 2013


Once a month our church hosts Military Night Out. Volunteers from the congregation watch the kids of military members so the parents can have a night out.  They count us as military even though The Man is reserve.  We went for the first time last month (that would be March. Can you believe it’s April already?!?)

It was a little hard for me to leave Munchkin. I trust the people who were watching her, it’s just that she’s always with me or The Man and when my mom’s around, Nana.  She’s stayed with friends of ours twice, so it’s not like I’ve never left.  I just don’t do it a lot!  When I leave her, even with The Man, I feel like I’m forgetting something.  She’s my sidekick.  It’s weird to not have her with me.

She was fine when we left.  flaming onion reviseWe went to a local Hibachi steakhouse and it was very delicious.  Of course I wondered how Munchkin was doing the whole time we were gone. I had told them that if she melted to call us and we would come get her. 

Well, when we got there we found a friend had just gotten her to sleep on his shoulder. He had gone out to dinner with his wife and they were just hanging out for a bit before going home with their kids. Anyway, we had been gone for two hours and she cried for all but 20 minutes of it! I felt so bad. My poor baby! Everyone there said it was fine and most of them have grown kids so they all know what it’s like. The can handle a crying baby just fine. My heart on the other hand, not so much. I thoroughly enjoyed dinner with my husband and I know we need it, it’s just hard knowing she was crying the whole time we were gone.

The Man got her and put her in the car and we came home.  He got her out and she woke up. He brought her into her room where I was and when she saw me she just lit up.  She reached for me and gave me a huge hug and snuggled her head into my shoulder. She also kicked her legs a little in a little happy dance.  She would then lift her head, look at me and give me another hug.  My heart just burst with love for her.  There’s nothing like having your child just wrap their arms around you and hold on for all they are worth.  I just love having that little head on my shoulder and those arms around me neck.

I’m hoping next month will be better.  Even if she cries, I’ll look forward to the end of the night hug!


  1. Yay for a night out! We always take advantage of those! When my parents were in town we went out for drinks and to the Luke Bryan concert. It was a blast! It makes you feel so refreshed! Now I crave a night out because Ev can be a handful, but I always cannot wait to get home to her and see her even if she's sleeping. It's good your church does things like that because we don't get a night out for months at a time, but we make it work with night in's, take out and games.

  2. Ryan and I have only been out without Dominick once since he's been born and that was when we were in Michigan. It's hard leaving them, but "reuniting" is always the best. I always feel guilty going out without Dominick (hence the reason we never do) because I'm without him 5 days a week at work; why would I want to spend time without him during the weekends too. Our friends back home don't understand why we've never left him over night. To be honest I don't think I'm ready for that and he's not even sleeping through the night AND the biggest factor of all is that we don't have family nearby. It's hard, but I'm glad you were able to get out and spend time with just your husband as I know how important that is.

  3. My oldest was like that. He would even cry while dad watched him. We have the whole pathetic thing on video. LOL It does get better. Don't let people tell you that she need to get used to being away from you. It will come on its own. I don't remember the exact day I could leave him without him crying, but it happened. Now, he is 18 and we have a good relationship. It is good enough that he is happy to be going to college 1200 miles away. Now who is going to be doing the crying? Me! :) (I also want to add that it doesn't hurt them to cry while your gone either. I think it hurts us worse.)

  4. Penny has a rough time when I leave. She's a Mama's girl!


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