June 4, 2013

May Things to Smile About

May was a great month and I can’t believe it’s gone already!  Here’s a recap of the things that made me smile:

Munchkin10 months

This little girl ALWAYS makes me smile, even when she’s a cranky pants girl.  She’s getting so big! She turned 10 months in May and is becoming such a big girl. She’s a joy and I’m so thankful I get to be her mama.

Child Nutrition and Cooking Class

I’ve been loving this free class offered on Coursera.  I’ve learned some great new recipes that I’ve enjoyed trying.  I always knew that cooking was better and this class has been a great reminder.  I’m taking our menu planning much more seriously now and am doing my best to make sure that we can eat in a healthy way.

Trip to MA

It was short but great trip.  We were able to get the ball rolling for my mom’s move to the PNW.   We had dinner with friends and I was able to have a play date with friends. It was fun because my friends and I met before most of us were married and now we’re all married with kids.  The kids make it a little harder to talk but they are so fun!

Munchkin learning to walk

I’m LOVING that munchkin is walking.  She’s so proud of herself! I love watching her learn new things.  She’s amazing and I’m looking forward to her talking.

loveseatNew Loveseat

Our sofa just wasn’t working for us.  It was no longer comfortable and it smelled like dog. So we decided to buy a new loveseat.  We got a reclining one and we love it.  We still have the old sofa and now that puppies are allowed on it.  We have super happy puppies!

Warm Weather

The beginning of May gave us a taste of summer weather.  It was in the high 70’s with clear blue skies.  It made the cooler weather that followed a little hard to handle.  It was nice while it lasted!

Bountiful BasketsBountiful basket

We’ve been using Bountiful Baskets for about  months now and we love it.  I love being surprised by the veggies we get. I love having to be creative with what we get. I love that it makes The Man try new veggies! The last basket of the month was one of my favorites so far. There were plums, mangos, pineapple, bananas, a melon,  green beans, swiss chard, romaine lettuce, carrots, onions and cherry tomatoes.

Farmer’s Markets

May is the beginning of the Farmer’s Market season in Kitsap County.  I love going to the Market.  So far we’ve been to the Port Orchard one a couple of times. It’s been fun to just walk around and enjoy the amazing weather we’ve been having.  I even managed to replace the rosemary I had that died.Farmers market

House Hunting

We’re not house hunting for us but for my mom.  The Man and I enjoy looking at property so we’ve been driving around trying to find houses for mom to consider when she comes out in July.  She won’t be buying until her house in MA sells but it’s fun to look!  We’ve found some cute neighborhoods that I think my mom will like.  I’m looking forward to seeing the inside of some of them soon!

My Husband

He’s amazing and he always makes me smile.  I’m so blessed by him.  I can’t imagine being married to anyone else.


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  1. Hmmm... Kitsap County? Small world! I haven't been to the Port Orchard market yet, but it's on the Market Tour list the kids and I are doing this summer! :) I've heard the one in Port Townsend is AMAZING!

  2. I'm still jealous about the Bountiful Baskets. I so wish it was an option around here!

  3. The world is small, isn't it? I prefer the Poulsbo market but haven't made it up there yet. PO is just around the corner so we tend to go there. I haven't been to the one in Port Townsend but I think we'll have to go! We love it up there and any reason is a good reason to head up:) We have been to one in Port Angeles and was not impressed.

  4. That would be fun to house hunt for someone else as then it is the fun but not the all the pressure of it.
    Awesome new love seat! Love having a seat that reclines as it is my favorite place to take a nap during the day. So so fun your daughter is walking!
    Thanks so much for linking up, sorry I am just getting to this now- have been out of town all last week.

  5. Oh no worries....we're all busy! Thanks for coming by:)


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