July 16, 2013

Behind The Scenes

I’m joining Crystal Stine for her Behind the Scenes link up for the first time.  It’s a chance to share things that are not part of the photo.

Grammy birthday

This was taken on Saturday night after Munchkin’s 1st birthday party.  We didn’t do gifts for the party but of course she got some anyway.  We decided to open a few that night.  Munchkin wasn’t all that interested in opening presents as she really had no idea what it was all about.  A couple of the gifts were in bags and she did get the hang of opening those presents!  Her Aunt and Uncle who couldn’t make it had sent a present up and it had sparkly pink paper in it. Munchkin quickly fell in love with the paper.

Munchkin doesn’t go to people right away if she doesn’t recognize them and Grammy and Grandpa are no different.  She wouldn’t go the them at all.  We tried to get her to let them hold her but she would just bury her face in my neck and squeeze me.  We stopped trying and just let her get used them.  It wasn’t until that pink sparkly paper came out of the bag that she paid any attention to Grammy.  Munchkin let her play with her and the paper.  There were three pieces plus some curly ribbon that the two of them played with for at least 15 minutes.  Just like a kid, to prefer the wrappings to the presents!

The next day Munchkin let them hold her.  Granted it was right before they left but at least they got to hold her! I’m hoping that as she gets older she’ll start to remember them.



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  1. Oh she will!!! My son was the same way. When my parents visited him around 4 months, he screamed! Around 18+ months he started recognizing them. Maybe show her pictures of them often? It will come with time... and if not, just always have something fun to play with just in case! So glad you linked up this week!!!

  2. The packaging is always the best! Our boys didn't see their grandparents much in their younger years, but as they got older they did warm up to them more and more. A God blessing for each of those little and big moments! Hopping over from BTS. Welcome!

  3. I made a book for each of my nieces and gave it to them for their 1st birthdays. It was called "People Who Love Peyton" and "People Who Love Ella." I put a picture of each family member holding them. Under the picture I would write "Grammy loves Peyton" or "Auntie Jodi love Ella" to go along w/ each corresponding picture. She loved looking at the pictures and I really think it helped her to learn who her relatives were (I stuck to immediate family).

    Happy Birthday to her as well. I really can't believe she is 1 already!

  4. I love the story behind the scenes! That pink sparkly paper is a game changer ;-)

  5. Evelyn does the same thing! But usually it's just with men, when I went home it took her a day or two to warm up to my brothers and my dad. I think it's just one of those things they do, but man it made me feel bad that she wanted nothing to do with them for a little bit.

  6. I felt bad too! It's hard because they aren't really that far away (about 6 hours) but we only see them 2-4 times a year. I'm thankful they are understanding!

  7. I think I may have to keep sparkly pink paper on hand as an ice breaker:)

  8. That's fun! We do have a book that we slide pictures into and it has photos of Grammy and Grandpa in it. We look it a few times a week but I'm not sure it helped. Maybe next time we'll read it a lot more before we see them!

  9. Thank you!

    The wrapping is the best part:) She is enjoying the toys too!

  10. We do have a photo book with pictures of them in it but I didn't think to read it very much before they came up. I think we'll be reading it a lot more before we see them next time!


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