July 18, 2013

Turning 1

Munchkin turned one this past weekend.  I’m not sure where the past year went.  Munchkin has gotten so big and is learning so many new things and I love it.  I’m loving this age and her even more.  There are sounds that seem to be words coming our of her mouth (dad, mama, baby, meow, woof) and she loves pointing to things.  She’s just so fun!

We had a small party for her.  She LOVED the Minnie Mouse birthdaydecorations!  I put a few up the day before the party and she kept pointing at them.  She kept babbling away to Minnie and smiling at her.  We also got some balloons and she loved those as well.  The big Minnie Mouse one is on the living room and she keeps looking up at it, pointing and babbling.  It’s so cute!

birthday 1



It was a nice relaxing afternoon with friends and family.  It was a perfect way to celebrate her first birthday!  I took tons of photos but I won’t share them all,  just my favorites!



birthday 2birthday 3

Once we managed to get her presents open and the wrappings away from her, she realized that she liked her presents.  She loved the farm and little people we got at the rummage sale.  She was spoiled and got her first American Girl doll (a bitty baby) and a water table, among other things.  We have been enjoying all our new toys!

birthday 8birthday 9birthday 10


  1. She is so adorable! Happy Birthday!!

  2. So cute! Happy 1st Birthday. Aubri has a ton of little people things and loooooves them.


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