September 25, 2013

The House

I was three when we moved into my childhood home.  I remember the first night in the house.  My parents put me to sleep on the hardwood floor in what would become the dining room.  I fell asleep as they carried in box after box, late into the night.

My bedroom was next to theirs so they could hear me if I cried.  There was only one window and really dark.Many Waters Girlhood Wallpaper  The room had an eve in it and my grandfather put in a skylight for us.  After that, my room was really bright, even in cloudy weather.  I loved it growing up.   Pink was my favorite color when I was three and of course I picked a pink rug for my room.  I really wanted all pink wall paper but my mother, in her wisdom, refused (she hates pink.)  I ended up with floral wallpaper that had pink in it but also had blue and some other colors.  As a teen I was very thankful my whole room was not pink and it was no longer my favorite color!

I played Barbies and talked on the phone with friends for hours in that room.  I had countless sleepovers talking about the things that girls talk about growing up: nail polish and fashion and boys.  I graduated high school and returned from college to that room.  I moved to Asia and moved back into that room for a year when I returned after three years. 

It’s hard to think that that house will no longer by my mom’s house. Many Waters The House I hate that my daughter will not know that house, the house that I grew up in.  Practically I know the house, with close to two thousand square feet is too large for my mom.  I still wish there was some way we could keep it.  I know it’s just a house but it was home for so many years.  I know I will always be welcome in any house my mom has because it’s my mom and NOT the house that is welcoming.

The last night was spent similar to the first, sleeping on the floor.  We had air mattresses this time and it was my mom, Munchkin & I.  I didn’t sleep as well as that first night in the house, but Munchkin did.  The sleep of babes is sweet and deep.  She won’t remember that night in the house but I will.  It means a lot to me. I’ll cherish it as I look forward to making memories with my family in a new house.


  1. This is so beautiful, I am in tears thanks for the share. My grandfather died and my grandmother had no choice but to sell their home they had lived in for over 50 years and the new buyers tore it down. It was so devastating. They also just sold my husbands grandparents house and we was trying to buy it but got out bid. It saddens me everyday driving by that house and not being able to see them anymore. You are so right though, it really isn't the house it is the people in the house that make the house, but the walls of the house know all your secrets it is basically your best friend but you never really think about it. I'm sorry your mom has to leave, it is always a hard thing to go through.

  2. Thank you. It is so hard. I'm so afraid that it is going to get torn down. Thankfully I won't be around to see it if they do. The good news is that my mom is closer to us, so at least something good has/will come from it!

    I hope you have peace and healing soon.


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