November 1, 2013

Five on Friday

This is my first time doing Five on Friday but the randomness suits me today (most days, actually) so here we go:


I’m loving making hair bows.  Ever since I found a tutorial on how to make korker bows, all I want to do is CURL ALL THE RIBBON!Many Waters Munchkin's Korker Bows It’s a sickness I tell you.  I’ve found some other cute bows to try.  Sorry if you follow me on Pinterest, I spammed your feed with bow tutorials last night.  Munchkin needs more bows though and I’m cheap. I can make it instead of paying $5+ for a bow that the kiddo will probably end up losing.


Teething is still going on in full force over here.  Munchkin’s two bottom One year molars are in and now she’s working on the top ones.  It’s painful for all of us.  Oh, the crying and the crankiness.  I’ll be so happy when they are in and I have my happy baby back (until the other teeth come in anyway.)


Many Waters Mama and Munchkin HalloweenWe didn’t go trick or treating last night.  I was planning on taking Munchkin to the mall but it didn’t happen.  She didn’t nap well and was cranky and I wasn’t feeling good.  Part of me feels bad but she’s so little she doesn’t know the difference.  We went to Trunk or Treat last week, so it’s not like she didn’t get to dress up.  


I just ordered 101 free prints from Shutterfly. I love when they offer the free prints.  Honestly it’s the only time I buy prints anymore.  Though with the price of shipping, it might be cheaper to buy the locally.  Can someone remind me to look into that?  Thanks!  Also, the offer ends today (Friday, Nov. 1) but the code is SPOOKY. Now you can go get yourself some free prints too!


I have the easiest crockpot chicken EVER cooking and my house smells AMAZING. I really want to eat some chicken but since it’s not ready yet I have to be content with taking deep breathes of the incredible smelly goodness.



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  1. Those bows are SO cute! You should do a tutorial on your blog!! :)


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