January 31, 2014

Super Bowl Craziness

The Man & I are college football fans (Go Ducks!)  We don’t really pay attention to pro football.  Well, I don’t.  On Sundays in the fall pro football is on the TV because it’s football and probably better than anything else on.  I grew up in New England so I would say I’m a Patriots fan.  I like it when they do well but I don’t live and die by it.  In fact, I never know who they’re playing.  (Random fact: Many Waters Pats players at schoolback when I was teaching in MA, two years in a row our school won a contest and we had Patriots players come to our school.  I got to shake the hand of Richard Seymour. He’s a BIG, BIG man.  Like, HUGE.  I wouldn’t want to face him on a football field!  The next year Wes Welker came and he was in gym shorts and it looked like he had just rolled out of bed.  Donte Stallworth was much more impressive.  As a result, I’m NOT a Welker fan.  Just another reason I want the Seahawks to win!) 

We’ve been in the PNW going on 5 years.  The Man has paid more attention to the Seahawks than I have.  I did notice that they had a great season last year.  I paid a little more attention to them this year cause my husband was.  Towards the end of the season we were watching their games and cheering them on.

We’ve fully jumped on the Seahawk bandwagon.  My mother, who knows NOTHING about football, bought herself and Munchkin jerseys and The Man & I have t-shirts.  All for #3 Russell Wilson, cause my mother thinks he’s “cute as a button!”  Munchkin also has a Championship onesie.  I even made matching bows in Seahawk blue and green.  For those of you who hate bandwagon fan, no worries, we aren’t jumping off anytime soon.  This is where we’re putting down roots, so Seahawk fans we shall continue to be!

Many Waters Seahawk Gear

The 12th Man pride for the Seattle Seahawks has been a bit crazy in the are over the past two weeks.  Businesses are showing their support through banners and on their blinking signs (I think their business would be boycotted if they supported the Broncos!)  Everywhere I go TONS of people are wearing Seahawk gear.  As in the majority of people are wearing something that says Seahawks.  I’ve felt a little out of it (my shirt didn’t get here till yesterday. I’m saving it for Sunday cause I’m not doing laundry between now and then and I don’t want to be stinky!)  Boeing has outfitted a plan to support the Seahawks and it’s flying around the sound in support.  Is this normal?  Is it like this in Denver?  Or is this the 12th man going crazy?

On Sunday, we’ll be at home with some yummy food (sausage squares anyone?), relaxing and watching the game.  I’ll probably be working on blog posts while the game is on and Munchkin will be making a mess with her toys.  Nana will be knitting and asking questions about the game because she understands NOTHING about it (which makes the fact she owns a jersey so funny. She’s lived here for 6 months!)

Will you be watching the game?

Eating any yummy food? 

And the most important question…

who do YOU want to win?


  1. After moving around so much, I don't mind the wagon-jumpers! I used to go to Jacksonville Jaguars games because we got free tickets when I lived there. As for the Super Bowl, I always watch it because I love sports and advertising as well. I wanted to root for the Seahawks this year because I think they have awesome uniforms, but now that I live in Indiana, there is still a pull toward Peyton Manning! (There's a children's hospital in Indy with his name on it!) So I guess I'll cheer on the Broncos.

  2. We always watch the game but I'm not really on either side. I was inclined to cheer on the Broncos since my corporate office is in Denver so I work with a lot of Bronco fans :) I've always been a Detroit fan for all sports so I guess I'll never be accused of being a bandwagon jumper! Even that year that the Tigers lost 119 games and the year the Lions lost 16 games...


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