July 25, 2014

Bullet Point Friday (2)

It’s looking like this Bullet Point Friday might become a thing.  The brain dump is good for me.  I haven’t been writing much because I’ve been focusing on other things, mainly my Gestational Diabetes.  I know I’ve been mentioning it a lot but it has taken over my life.  So here’s a recap of the week:

-My numbers were still high, even on the medication.  So the OB upped the dose but the nurse I talked to said that if that didn’t help the next step was insulin.  Cue panic, especially after talking with the Pedi about how insulin should be avoided to not mess with Punkin’s pancreas.  If/when we get to the insulin stage, we’ll schedule a meeting with the OB to discuss our concerns.  So after a talking too from my husband after my midwife appointment (Punking is doing well, heartbeat was good and she’s measuring a a couple of weeks ahead) where she reminded me that stress is bad and can affect my numbers, I’ve been working on not stresses.  For me this means no worrying about every bite of food I put in my mouth.  With the exception of one meal, my numbers have been better.  Don’t you love it when your husband is right?

-Completely random but I’ve been loving the songs Pandora has been playing.  They’re taking me back to high school and it’s been great to sing along and dance with like a crazy person around the house with Munchkin watching.  She likes to dance along too. 

-I’m excited to get back to cloth diapering.  I’ve been figuring out what I want to keep & what to sell and what I want to buy for Punkin.  I’m going to kick ammonia’s butt to the curb and try to get Munchkin back in cloth in hopes it will help her potty train.  (In case you’re curious, I’m selling 90% of our pockets because I don’t want to stuff them and deal with microfiber.  Punkin will be in prefolds/flats with natural fibers with PUL covers and wool.  I also have some newborn AIO (all in ones) for trips out of the house.  She’ll also be in fitteds once she gets bigger.  I plan to get some natural fiber AIOs as well.  Munchkin will mostly be in fitteds and the few pockets that I’m keeping)

-I managed to create most of the tags for the items I want to sell at the next local Just Between Friends sale.  Hoping to use the money I make towards cloth diapers!  I’m excited and hope it goes well.

-It was overcast and rainy most of the week and I LOVED it.  The 80 & 90 degree temps we were having were draining me.  I’m so ready for fall!

-Speaking of fall, I know three little girls that are just about set for Duck Football!  Tutu’s and onesies for the two littlest ones are complete as is Munchkin’s tutu.  Now to do her top and work of headbands and bows for all of them.  They are going to be so cute!

-Munchkin has a new favorite princess!  I’m super excited about this because as much as I love Ariel, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.  Munchkin has been asking to watch “Aurora” so Sleeping Beauty has been watched several times!  She also likes Frozen.  It’s nice to mix it up a bit.

-I didn’t take many photos this week, so no photos for you today.  You don’t hate me, right?  I promise to have photos in the next post!


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