February 10, 2015

Mom Gets A Sick Day

Yes you read that right.  As a mom, I got a sick day!  It was amazing and oh so short.  It was amazing to just be able to sleep and not have to worry about the kiddos or meals or anything but resting.  I did fold a load of diaper laundry because I wanted to and pulled a casserole out of the freezer for my husband to deal with for dinner, but that’s all I did.  Really.  Well, I also fed the baby cause she’ll only have mama milk from the source.  But that’s all I did, I promise!
Many Waters Mama Gets A Sick Day

It started out with Munchkin being sick for over a week.  We initially took her to Urgent Care over a week ago for hives.  They said to give her Benadryl, which we did.  She had a low grade fever and a hacking cough (I’ll be honest, not sure when the cough started. My memory isn’t the best these days.)  We kept an eye on the fever and pushed liquids on her. The fever kept going up and down.  It took a week to break but it did and we were relieved. The cough stayed around. We went away for the weekend like we had planned because she seemed better.  I had a persistent headache that would just not go away so I was taking some Ibuprofen to take the edge off of it. With the headache I had a sore throat that I figured was from post nasal drip as I had a little bit of a runny nose. 
Munchkin was miserable during the 5 hour car ride and didn’t get any better while we were away.  I didn’t either.  On the car ride home my throat was really hurting. It was almost as bad as the one time I’ve had strep throat. I mentioned to my husband that I thought I should go see the doctor for it.  We decided that Urgent Care would be better so even though we got home around 9, we headed right back out the door to Urgent Care with Munchkin cause both of us had white spots on our throats.  Thankfully Nana was home so we left a sleeping Punkin with her.

Many Waters Sickies

We were expecting a strep throat diagnosis but the quick test came back negative.  They only had one doctor on duty that night since the other one was out sick so we had to wait and wait and wait.  We were very thankful for the ability to stream Netflix so Munchkin could watch Pooh. When we finally got to see the doctor, she diagnosed Munchkin with a sinus infection. The doctor could see two streams of green mucus flowing down the back of Munchkin’s throat. So gross. We felt so bad but had had done everything we had known to do.  After my flu test came back negative, I was diagnosed with a virus and given lidocaine to help with the pain from the sore on my throat.  Other than that there was nothing we could do for it.  It took us four hours to get out of there. 

Many Waters Watching Pooh

So my amazing, incredible husband took the day off so I could rest. I think it might have been because he know I was really sick when I suggested Urgent Care and took medicine without prompting. It doesn’t matter why, it was wonderful.  I feel very loved.  I sent him back to work today as I’m feeling a little better.  I’m not 100% and in fact I would love to sleep all again today. I’m going to finish this up and go lay down as both girls are down. That’s the only time Mama gets to sleep when there’s not another adult around!


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