August 26, 2015

Lake Chelan

Back in April we went on a mini vacation to Lake Chelan.  It's east of us in WA but to be honest, most things are east of us.  The Man was going to present his thesis paper at the regional conference of the history honor society that he was (is?) apart of.  Since none of us had ever been we all wanted to tag along.

We were able to get a great price on a two bedroom suite due to the conference.  The Man was planning on attending parts of the conference and mom & I figured we could amuse the girls and ourselves easily enough.  There did end up being one little hiccup...the day before we were leaving I fell and sprained my ankle. I hadn't planned on that and it ended up meaning that I wasn't able to do much as I couldn't put any weight on my ankle and was using crutches.  I was very, very thankful that we had that two bedroom suite. It had a living room and a chair right next to a sliding door that had a great view of the lake.  I spent most of the weekend in that chair with my leg up trying not to feel frustrated that I couldn't do anything.  I did take some photos from my chair and I took a few more when I hobbled outside to blow bubbles with Munchkin.

Mom & Munchkin walked the small town and enjoyed that.  Munchkin was perfectly happy playing with her new blocks that we brought along and Punkin was happy to be where we were.  The resort did have a wheel chair that they let us borrow and we wheeled me to lunch one day at the resort restaurant.  We left saying that we liked the area and wanted to go in the summer so we could play in the lake.

Even though I wasn't able to do much I still enjoyed the trip. The drive there and back was beautiful.  We loved seeing all the apple trees in bloom.  It was nice to rest with the lake view and not stress about everything I should have been doing around the house. There was nothing for me to do since we were in a hotel.  It was a blessing even though I didn't think so at the time.

You might wonder why I'm posting about this now, four months later.  I wasn't going to blog about the trip because I figured it was too long ago and I missed the blogging time frame.  But Washington has so many wildfires right now and the Lake Chelan areas where there are wildfires.  Most of the places that are burning I haven't heard of and have never been too.  But this is an area that I had been too. Hearing about wildfires always concerned me but this time it made it a bit more real for me. If you pray, please pray. There are so many things that you can pray for, for rain, for safety for those fighting the fires and for those who live in the areas near the fires, for minimal property loss (so many houses have been lost and they don't have a count yet), for the families of those who have died because of the fires.  There are so many fires, not only in Washington but also in Oregon, Idaho and Montana plus there are more fires in the Canadian West.  The smoke from so many fires is affecting the air quality as far away as the mid west. So, so many people are being affected. Please, please pray!  

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