August 10, 2015

Productive Weekend

This weekend I did something that I've put off for at least six months, maybe longer.  I knew it needed to be done but I kept putting it off and off and off because it was overwhelming. Plus I needed someone to watch the kids and....I just kept finding excuses.  But this weekend enough was enough!  I finally did it.  I cleaned the pantry!

Yeah, things must be pretty bad if I'm blogging about cleaning the pantry!  It doesn't take much thought to write about but I'm pretty proud of how it looks now.  I carried out 4 bags of trash, plus have two of piles of unwanted items.  One pile will be donated and the other is to sell.  This is what it looked like before:

What you can't see is that on the other side of the fridge is a hanging pot rack with the trash can under it.  There's also another black shelf that's full of stuff. And in the photo below, even though it's not the pantry, it's been completely unusable counter space. We have precious little counter space as it is, so I NEEDED to reclaim it.

I now love how much room I have in there!  I can see what food stuffs we have and where all my tools are.  My pots and pans are no longer hidden and are now easily accessible.  I think the hard part is going to be keeping it like this.  Any guesses on how long it will stay looking like this:

Now I know what food I have and have the space to cook again.  YAY!

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