October 3, 2010

Attempting to be Crafty

I've been looking at some crafty blogs and I've been wanting to try some things.  I saw these at Increasingly Domestic and knew I wanted to make them.  I don't have baby food jars but I have been saving a couple of the jars that yeast come in.  They are dark and I knew they would be useful for something.  I just didn't know what.  Until I saw this.  And as much as I've come to enjoy watching football with the man, I sometimes need something else to do.  So when I couldn't take the suspense of the game anymore I got out my newly purchased paint, brushes and the clean jars.

It's fun to start with this:

And end up with this:

I'm  not the best at painting.  The eyes aren't the same size and the wavy mouth is a little messy but I still think they're cute.  Maybe some more practice would help?

I'm excited to make some more things...but first I'm going to paint the sewing room.  I can't wait to get that done so I can get all unpacked and organized.  Than I'll starting being even more crafty!

And in case you were wondering, The Ducks won, 52-31.


  1. aww... those are cute! And it would be a fun craft with little kids too!


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