October 4, 2010

Garden Update

My "garden" in my window boxes are doing amazingly well!  I'm so surprised.  I think the rain we've been having has really helped- they started growing like crazy with all the water.  Maybe I wasn't watering them enough? 

I should have picked the lettuce sooner.

The parsley has been growing really well.  I LOVE fresh parsley and add it to many of my dishes when I'm cooking.  

The broccoli is growing too!  I'm so amazed.  The good thing with it being right by the house is that I'm not worried about deer or rabbits eating it.  I'm hoping it grows a little more and DOESN'T mold.

I knew it probably wasn't the best idea to plant zucchini in the window box but I didn't expect it to grow.  It wasn't growing much and than the rain came.  It exploded.  There are several zucchinis growing but some are starting to mold.  I"m hoping if I removed them the others will continue to grow and NOT mold.

Molding zucchini:(

Growing zucchinis, YAY!

The basil is doing quite well too.  I've been using it a lot while I cook.  I've taken some and dried it in the oven.  It seemed to work well and I think I'm going to try it again. 

And I did kill the mint (forgot to water it) I had planted in a pot.  Then one day I looked at it and saw that it was growing again.  YAY for growing mint!  I'm going to bring it in soon and see if I can manage to keep it alive over the winter.

I'm looking forward to planting a REAL garden in the ground next spring.  I'm also thinking about planting some garlic in the window box this fall.  How delicious would fresh, home grown garlic be?  YUM!


  1. congrats on the crop! LOL. I haven't tried gardening here... the soil is desert so I'm not too stoked to do it. Then again, I've never tried gardening before so who knows if I'd be any good at it.

  2. Thanks! You could always try container gardening. My parents grow tomatoes, green peppers and all sorts of herbs in pots. They don't like to weed:)

  3. I definitely want to set up a window box --I didn't realize you could get actual vegetables to grow in there! I have a little thing of basil on our patio now, and I use it in cooking as much as possible.

    You should definitely think about doing catnip in a big pot. My mom has that outside the house, and the cat loves when we pick off the fresh catnip for him. (And amazingly, none of the neighborhood cats have chewed it all up.)

  4. Garden looks great, you get that from your dad!!


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