November 20, 2010

#13. Eat at Sully's on Castle Island...

Castle Island is one of my favorite places in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.  I love it there.  My grandparents used to take me there all the time.  We would get dinner and then walk around.  Grandpa & I would watch the planes taking off and landing at Logan and try to guess what airline it was.  Sometimes we would take a metal detector and walk along the beach and try to find stuff.  Other times they would let me play on the playground.  A walk down the fishing pier was a must and I loved seeing what the different people caught.  As I got older I would go with my parents and then I would bring friends there.  It doesn't matter how crowded it is, it always feels peaceful to me.  I love going in any weather.  I've been there on sunny days and on rainy ones.  I've been there when the wind was so strong that it held me up and I couldn't walk against it.  I've eaten in the car and all around the island.  I've been inside Fort Independence but to be honest, I don't really remember it.  All of my memories take place outside the walls of the fort.  The fort is always there, a part of the landscape.  I also always wanted to go swimming while we were there.  The answer was almost always NO but there were a few occasions I was able to go in the water.

Sully's on Castle Island

I was surprised whem Mom mentioned that Sully's was open till the end of November.  I had expected them  to be closed so I didn't mention going there.  Well, once I knew it was still open I HAD to go.  So off we went!

We got there a little early so we walked around first.  I took tons of pictures.  Then we ate lunch at Sully's.  Hot dogs and french fries.  They have the best fries there.  We had some birds that wanted to share our lunch but thankfully we were able to protect our food from them.

Due to the wind the planes weren't landing over the island.  They were taking off over it and you could still see the wing art.  I love trying to figure out what airline it is.  Being there remind me of my grandparents and I missed them.  It was so nice to spend some time at Castle Island. 

Fort Independence

One of the old school playground toys that I used to play on as a child.

The railing around the island

Logan Airport with a plane taking off

View of the fishing pier

The monument with the fort in the background

Looking towards to Sully's

He stole the fry from the trash can!

Inside Sully's

Yummy Sully's food!

The birds wanting to share dad's food


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