December 20, 2010

I Found It!

Remember when I said I had no motivation?  Well, I found it.  All it took was a sunny morning.  Yesterday before church I was checking my email and there was sunshine streaming in through our patio doors.  It was wonderful to see the sun again, even if it was in my eyes and made seeing the computer screen difficult.  The light highlighted all the dog/cat hair and dog dirt on my floor.  It's nasty!  I can't believe I let it get like that!

So today I am sweeping, vacuuming and mopping ALL my floors (without carpet).  I have clothes to fold and dishes to put away.  I need to clean off my desk so I can actually do some work there.  The dining room table needs to be cleared off.  The bathroom needs to be cleaned as well.

Then tonight I have a year end celebration with my hospitality cluster.  I need to bring an appetizer or a dessert.  There aren't many cookies left since I've shared some and ate a bunch.  I think I'm going to pick up some cream cheese and wheat thins.  I have some raspberry chipotle sauce.  I'll place the softened brick of cream cheese on a plate and pour the sauce over it.  Then you use the crackers to eat the cheesy goodness.  Super easy and yummy!  I've also had it with orange marmalade instead of the chipotle sauce.  Also delicious!

Do you have any easy appetizers/desserts that you like to bring to holiday parties?

 A word on reverb:  I've lost my motivation.  They come when my brain has already turned off and they aren't holding my interest any longer.  Oh well, I tried!


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  3. Your sunny morning motivation is what inspires spring cleaning in many people every year. Glad you got it in December; it'll be easier for you in April!

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  5. Easy...anything with puff pastry! Get it premade from the freezer isle, cut into little squares. Top the middle with something savory like cheese or mushrooms for an appetizer. For a dessert, fill with choc. chips or fresh fruit. Pinch up the ends of the pastry and bake!

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  7. I know exactly what you mean about lacking motivation. I'm still in my pajamas! Maybe I'll find some motivation soon too. Thanks for following from the blog hop. I'm headed over to follow you now was well! Happy Holidays!!

  8. My appetizer...Cracker spread! It can be made in so many ways that the possibilities are endless! I think I'm making a corned beef and smoked ham one for Christmas Eve...maybe even a crab one...not sure though...I've got most of the ingredients for two batches and it's cheap to get more.


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