August 6, 2013

10 Reasons Why I Love Breastfeeding

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week 2013, I’ve made a list of 10 reasons why I love breastfeeding.  Many Waters 10 Reasons I Love BreastfeedingThey are in no particular order.  Also, if  you are a not a breastfeeding mom, this list is NOT intended to make you feel bad, or guilty or like less of a mom.  Breastfeeding is something I enjoy and I’d like to share why I enjoy it. 

1. The Snuggles

Oh, the snuggles.  I’m thankful that Munchkin is a snuggle baby.  Nursing enhances that for us.  It allows me to focus on her and not on everything going on around us.  I also love it when she falls asleep nursing.  Even after a year, I love watching her eyes roll back in her head and she drifts off, content in knowing that my milk satisfies her. 

2. Forced Down Time

Breastfeeding Munchkin FORCES me to have down time.  We nurse best laying down (less distractions) so nursing means I have to rest.  I love the time to just rest, relax and focus on Munchkin.  Around the holidays when there was so much going on, it was nice to retreat from the craziness.  Life can get so hectic and it’s nice to have a reason to slow down.

3. Breast is Best for Baby

We’ve all heard that breast milk is best for baby and it’s true.  It’s not just good for boosting the immune system, but also for protecting the digestive system and helping to lower Munchkin’s chances of getting breast cancer and a host of other diseases including diabetes. 

4. Breast is Best for Mama

Best for Babes Lower CancerDid you know that there are health benefits for you when you nurse?  You can lower your risk of getting breast cancer, uterine cancer and bone loss after menopause.   Breast cancer runs in my family so anything that can help lower my risk is awesome!



5. It’s “Fast”

Nursing, once you get the hang of it, is faster and easier than having to make a bottle.  I can just whip out the boob and Munchkin can start eating. I always have my breasts with me, so I always have food for Munchkin with me.  That’s a good thing, because I was so forgetful in the beginning (who am I kidding, I still am!)

6. No Periods

This is a HUGE plus for me!  I love not getting my period!  I know it differs for everyone but it’s been a LONG time since I had to worry about my period. 

7.  The Ultimate Boo-Boo Healer

Mama Milk is the best way to soothe Munchkin after getting shots or a bad fall.  I haven’t worried about being a human pacifier as she usually only nurses for a few minutes when being soothed. 

8.   It’s Cheap

Mama Milk doesn’t cost us anything!  It’s been nice to not have to budget for formula.  We might spend a little more in produce but since we should be eating that way anyway it doesn’t bother us. 

9.  It Forces Me To Eat Healthier

Since I know I’m making mama milk for the baby, I do my best to make sure I’m eating well.  That includes drinking eight 8oz glasses of water a day (minimum), eating plenty of fruits and veggies and making sure I’m eating enough protein and dairy.  My body will make sure the baby has what she needs so I also need to make sure my body has what it needs to be healthy as well.

10. Nurture

I’m not quite sure how to explain this one but I’ll try.  My body protected and nurtured Munchkin for the first 9 months of her life while she was growing in my womb.  I love know that my body continued to nurture her after and gave her the nutrients she needed to grow and thrive.  It’s also the knowledge that my body was doing what it was supposed to do.  Breastfeeding also gave me confidence as a mom and it helped to heal the hurt of having a c-section.

If you breastfed your baby, what was your favorite part?


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  1. I loved those moments when Alli was breastfeeding and would gaze up at me. Unlatching to smile is the best! :)

  2. Stopping by from Angie's top ten post . . . I usually write for it, too, but I didn't get around to writing one this week. Fan of breastfeeding and fellow navy spouse, so I thought I'd say hello. I wrote a post for WBW last Thursday as part of a carnival and have another one going up tomorrow. Thanks for sharing. ~Valerie (

  3. Gah I got my period back at 7 months. Sucks!

  4. I'm sorry! Maybe you'll go longer wihout it with the next one? A girl can hope!

  5. Thanks for stopping by Valerie! I'll check out your blog when I have a chance:)

  6. Those milky smiles are the best!

  7. I got pregnant 3 months into breastfeeding my first, and had not have a period, so you could say I scored double on #6. That makes 26 months total (two pregnancies, plus nursing). I never thought about it that way.

  8. I love breastfeeding for many of these reasons, too. Highest on my list would be the snuggles and forced down time. With our fourth baby now, I feel like nursing is our time together, especially during the night.

  9. I think it's awesome that you wrote this. So much insight into the argument for a non-mom :)

    Thanks for linking up this week :)

  10. You're welcome! And I'm glad it helped:)

  11. I was going to write a blog about National Breastfeeding Week this week, but haven't had a chance. Glad that you covered even more than what I was planning to say. I struggled with it for the first 2 weeks, saw 4 different lactation consultant to work through some issues and am so happy I did.

  12. YAY for working through it! I'm glad you guys have been successful:) I think you should still write your story as it is YOUR story and worth sharing!

  13. Nice! Including pregnancy, I'm almost at 2 years:) I'm loving it! Though it is hard to get pregnant again when you don't know if you're ovulating!

  14. So there is an upside to night feeds:) YAY for snuggle time!

  15. Oh you can't beat the snuggles :-)

    I've pinned this onto my New Baby board

  16. The snuggles really are the best:) Thanks for the visit and the pin!


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