November 3, 2014

39 Weeks…I Can See The Light!

It was starting to feel like 39 weeks would never get here.  Finally, finally, it’s here! Due to having GD, Punkin will be born this week. My repeat c-section (RCS) has been scheduled but if I go into labor before hand, well, we’ll just let her come that way too. It’s actually kind of nice having a hard end date for this pregnancy. I’m feeling a little impatient though.  I can’t wait to meet this little lady and love on her and get newborn snuggles. I’m kinda giddy thinking about it.

Many Waters 38w4d pregnant with Punkin 1

As much as I would like to go into labor on my own and have her before the RCS, I have a feeling that won’t be happening.  I’m still only a centimeter dilated, though I’m a little more effaced (sorry if that’s TMI for you, I just want to remember it for the future!) I think it will be a little weird to just walk into the hospital and have a baby without being in labor.  We have to be there 3 hours early and since I won’t have been able to eat all day, I’m going to be cranky. It’s sure to be fun times.  My poor husband, I’m so glad he loves me a lot. He knows what I’m like when I’m hungry and cranky so there will be no surprises for him.  The good news is that I’ll be getting my half dozen cupcakes from Hello Cupcake. I’m super excited.  Now that I think about it I forgot to pack snacks in the hospital bag…I should make sure to do that!

The past week or two have been a little rough. I’ve had a few meltdowns where I’m a crying mess and The man just holds me. It always ends with me saying “I just need to have this baby.”  I know my hormones are still going to be out of whack even after giving birth but I’m hoping it will be better. I know it probably won’t be but I can hope. It didn’t help that Mom, Munchkin and I went and walked around the Tacoma Holiday Food and Gift show for three hours and I was hurting after. Mostly from having to push Munchkin in the stroller up a hill in the pouring rain while Mom ran back inside to pick up something she bought but forgot to go back for. I was hurting for a week and a half after. I just started feeling better from that. It was rough. The moral of that story is to not overdo it. So I’ve been taking it easy. I’m still having round ligament pain, especially when standing up.  I’m handling it but am very, very happy this baby will be here soon.

My mom lives with us in a little studio apartment on our lower level.  Lately, whenever I end up getting up early because I can’t sleep, I usually end up hearing her within an hour of getting up. On the mornings I do manage to go back to sleep (I’m waking up just about everyday around 4:30 am) she sleeps in too. It’s like she has this sixth sense that I might need her or might be in labor. She doesn’t come up or anything but I know that if she thought I did need her she would.  She was with me during the first few hours of labor with Munchkin while The Man slept (that made me mad at the time but it was good for him to sleep looking back.) She just knew that I needed her then too and it was nice to have the company while trying to figure out if I was really in labor or not!

Munchkin is ready to be a big sister I think. She loves on my belly every day. She kisses it and lays her head on it for hugs every morning when she wakes up. She love to lean back against it while we go through our morning routine. Throughout the day she comes over and puts her hand on my belly. She look at me and say “baby kicking!” Even if she isn’t.  Munchkin does feel her sister move quite often though. Munchkin has been carrying her baby doll around, with her head on her shoulder, sometimes patting her back. She’ll lay her down to sleep and cover her with her blanket. She feeds her with the two bottles she has, one of milk and one of apple juice. It’s adorable. I know it will be an adjustment to having a real baby around but we really think she’s going to do well. We’ll know soon enough!
Many Waters Taking care of baby doll
Halloween was very low key around here. I kept waffling on taking Munchkin Trick or Treating.  We had some heavy rain just about all week and I finally decided that taking a 2 year old out in the cold and rain to get candy while 38 weeks pregnant was not my idea of a good time. So we stayed home and enjoyed our last Friday night as a family of three. Munchkin was able to dress up for her preschool class, so not all was wasted. She was going to be Cinderella but at the last minute she decided she wanted to be Minnie Mouse (again. That’s what she was last year.) She just loves this Minnie dress so I’m sure that had something to do with it! She also loves wearing her mouse ears from Disney Land so it was win-win.  The Man ended up buying a big bag of candy “just in case” we got trick or treaters (we’ve had 3 in the 5 Halloweens we’ve been here) and I’m not doing well resisting the temptation. I thought it would be a good idea to bake cupcakes too, and they keep calling my name. I froze half of them at least so there aren’t as many to eat. Munchkin enjoyed helping me make the cupcakes so it was worth it, even if my blood sugar numbers don’t agree! The good news is that my GD should be gone as soon as the placenta is removed. They’ll just watch Punkin to make sure her blood sugar isn’t low due to being used to my blood sugar being high. I’m going to do my best to be super good until she’s here to help with that (but drat those cupcakes!!!!)

Many Waters Halloween 2014

I’ve managed to be a little productive and cross a few things off my to do list. The birth plan is written and hospitals bags are packed. I’ve also gotten the boppy covers washed and was given an exercise ball from a friend. The van is clean and the car seat for Punkin is in the van.  It’s not installed as it’s a convertible car seat and The Man will have to bring it into the hospital so we can prove we have a car seat for her. So we’ll just wait to install it. I have the bouncy seat out of storage and still need to wash the cover, which I’ll probably wash with the infant toys. The baptismal dress and blanket will get washed with my white moby wrap that I just got back from a friend who was borrowing it. Things are falling into place and I think we’re all ready for baby Punkin to arrive. This should be my last pregnancy post as the next time I post about Punkin it should be her birth announcement! 


  1. We're almost done! I'm super jealous that you're getting hello cupcakes though :) I've had my fair share of hysterical "get this baby out" meltdowns this week too. It makes me feel a lot more normal to know you're in the same place. Can't wait to see the announcement!

  2. Congratulations on being so close! I totally feel you with the "crying mess" bit! haha. I am almost 20 weeks and I cry all the time for no reason! I hope the delivery goes well for you dear. :)

    Ashley | Mommy Status

  3. :) You're so close, and this post seems so calm and relaxed. That's awesome about getting cupcakes after she's born—totally requesting some now, too! Can't wait to hear about the new little one!!!

  4. Good luck! I hope your birth goes according to plan and its a good experience for all involved, and most importantly ends with a healthy, happy baby AND momma.

  5. YES!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one with meltdowns...yay for being normal:)

  6. I've cried a lot this whole pregnancy and thankfully, my DH just take it in stride. Who needs a reason when you're pregnant? That's reason enough!

  7. I am calm and relaxed, which is WAY different than last time. I think it's cause I'm not stressing about being induced, I've accepted a c-section as an acceptable birth and I love my OB. She's hysterical and I am very confident in her abilities to safely birth Punkin. Also having done this once before helps and even though it will be different, it's not totally unknown, which is nice:)

    You should totally get cupcakes. The best part is that there is currently a groupon deal for a dozen cupcakes at half instead of 6 I'll be getting 12!!!! I guess I'll share:)

    And it's going to be your turn before you know it!!! (And I just wrote a whole post to you comment, hehe)

  8. Thank you! I'm feeling pretty that it will all work out the way it's supposed too:)

  9. Congratulations! You are almost there :)

  10. Good luck this week and I'm sure we'll see some cute baby photos soon!

  11. Those last few weeks are so hard, aren't they? I have 5 boys myself and those last few weeks never went fast enough. Hang in there! In just 3 months you'll be wondering where November, December, and January went! Enjoy every second!

  12. My RCS is scheduled for Dec 4, and I am counting down. The experience with our daughter is very similar to yours - the belly kisses, the baby doll play-acting, etc. Good luck to you!


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