November 7, 2014

Early Mornings

I’m not a morning person. I never have been, though I didn’t fully realize it until college.  Silly me scheduled 8 am classes first and second semester freshman year (yeah, what was I thinking?! WHO DOES THAT?!?)  Trust me when I tell you I NEVER took another 8 am class again!  College was great because I could stay up late, usually until 2 or 3 and still get plenty of sleep before my 10 or 11 am classes.  As a parent, it’s much, much harder to be a night owl. I usually regret it in the morning. That’s one reason why I’ve been loving it that Munchkin’s been sleeping in and we can have lazy mornings.
Many Waters Early Mornings

I’ve been waking up early, around 4 or 5 and having a hard time going back to sleep. I’ll blame Punkin as she makes it hard to get comfortable but it’s really not all her fault. I’ll start thinking and then my mind is going and I’m listening to The Man get ready for work and my eyes just won’t shut.  Often I’ll just stay in bed and eventually fall back asleep but this morning I got up. Munchkin has her preschool class today and I knew by the time I fell asleep again the alarm would be going off and I’d just be more tired.

I don’t mind this occasional early morning. I got up after The Man left for work and everyone else was asleep, except for the kitties, so it was nice and quiet.  You can see the highway from our deck and as I looked across the water, you could see the lights of the cars of the people already on their way to work. It’s a steady stream of people, whom I guessing are mostly military or DOD employees who start their day early. Whenever I’m early enough to watch this parade of cars I’m reminded to pray for them, the rest of our military and our country. I’m also super thankful that I’m not up this early on a daily basis!

A shower without having to actively listen for a toddler was nice, though I did leave the door opened a crack incase she woke up. I knew if she did she’d come looking for me. After the shower I was able to make breakfast. As in actually cook something. I opted for comfort food, fried eggs and baloney. My Granny used to make this for me all the time when I was a kid and I’d stay at their house. Even though it’s a simple meal it’s taken me years to replicate it. Even now it still just a tad off…I can’t replicate her love for me. Plus, it always tastes better when someone else makes it.  Every bite reminds me of her and mornings in her kitchen. Granny was diabetic and she used to tease me about taking her insulin for her. I can still hear her running the insulin bottle between her hands and hearing it clink on her rings. I’ve been mixing my insulin the same way, again, remembering her. Sometimes it’s hard, missing people in your life. I know she would love my little ones. (I know the photo isn’t all that yummy looking but trust me, it’s tastes good!)

Many Waters Fried Eggs and Baloney
I didn’t mean to turn introspective as I write this early morning post, but with a cup of coffee and it still being dark out, I guess I’m not surprised. Big change is coming soon for us and that always makes me more introspective as I ponder how things were, how they’ve been and what they might be like.  I usually don’t sleep well either, so that trend is continuing. It’s practice for those first few weeks with a newborn, right?

I’m writing this a week ahead of when you’re reading it (I love the scheduling feature, don’t you?!?) Hopefully by the time you are reading it, I’m up for a different reason. I should be in the hospital, snuggling Punkin, maybe nursing her and figuring out that relationship. All of us are ready to meet her.  I’ll post a birth announcement when I get a chance but it might be a few days. The Man and I are looking forward to bonding with our second born and then bonding as a family. I’ll be taking a “baby break” from blogging for most of November.

The blog won’t be silent though. Some of my favorite bloggers have written guest posts for me. Once again, YAY for the scheduling feature. I even managed to get a post or two written and scheduled as well.  You’ll probably still see me on Twitter and Facebook though and if you just can’t wait for the baby announcement, I would check those two places first. And if you’ve made it this far, thanks. I know this is rambling pointless point. I guess we should all be glad I don’t regularly blog during the early morning!


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