June 30, 2014

2014 Summer Bucket List

I’m  a little late putting this list together but if I don’t I know I’ll forget something that I want us to do this summer.  We’ve already done a few of these but I want to do them again.  I’m loving summer so far and Munchkin is too.  It’s so fun to watch her enjoy life.  Trying to get her inside is like trying to pull teeth; I think she would sleep outside if we let her!  Many Waters 2014 Summer Bucket List 

1. Make homemade popsicles and enjoy them  on our deck
2.  Eat dinner on the deck at least once a week
3.  Visit Fort Warden and play on the beach
4.  Visit Point-No-Point and play on that beach
5.  Have several picnic lunches at some local state parks (Scenic Beach is a favorite!)
6. Visit Seattle via ferry
7.  Visit the Zoo (Point Defiance or Woodland Park…or both!
8.  Enjoy the new play set & water table in our backyard. (I love having a space to play!)  Tummy Swinging
9.  Get ice cream at the Farmer’s Market
10.  Pick and gorge ourselves on blackberries
11.  Get our container garden planted (veggies & flowers)
12.  Go to Whaling Days (or other local festival)
13.  Go to the drive-in
14.  Eat gobs of local, in-season fruit
15. Watch 4th of July fireworks
16.  Visit some local play grounds
17. Have play dates with friends
18.  Color the driveway with sidewalk chalk
19.  Practice using the Manuel settings on the camera.
20. Stay up and see the rings on Saturn with the telescope.
21.  Go to a Fair (Kitsap or WA State)
22.  Complete the Kitsap County Library Reading Challenge (10  hours of reading for Munchkin)
23.  Visit Ocean Shores and have a fire on the beach and roast hot dogs and have s’mores
24.  Go to a baseball game (Mariners or Rainers)
25.  Blow bubbles

What’s on your bucket list this summer?


  1. I'm such a fan of everything on this list :) Popsicles are a must and eating outside on a nice evening is the best! I mean, I could go on and on because this list sounds a lot like ours ... farmer's market, drive-in... yes, yes :) soul-mamas!
    Have a great 4th!

  2. This looks like fun!!! I love dinners outside, but it's usually too windy here for that :( And lucky you being close to the beach!

    On my bucket list -- don't have this baby in the car... :) That's about it!


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