May 9, 2011

One Year

It's hard to believe that we've owned our house for a year!  My hand hasn't forgotten what it was like to sign all those papers for both of us since The Man was at school.  It was worth it though!  We LOVE our house and have enjoyed making it ours.  We were thinking of all the things we've done to it.  We've managed to do quite a bit.  There's still a lot we want to do but we've made a good dent in the list!

Here's what we've done:

Painted sewing room
~Painted our bedroom, the bathroom, the hallway and the sewing room
~Moved the washer & dryer downstairs and made a laundry room.
~Moved the fridge & stove around and installed another cabinet & 1/2 wall
~Installed a dishwasher
~Installed new French doors in our bedroom
~Removed the two crazy rose bushes outside.  In their place we put in some stairs
~Put in a garden
~Planted an apple tree
~Fenced in the porch area so we could leave Molly outside and not worry about her (we never use it cause she whines)
~The Man built me some window boxes for the windows off the living room
~Installed a ceiling fan in the bedroom
Crazy rose bush that is no more
~Installed a light over the mirror in the bathroom
~The Man waterproofed his outside work area
~Took up the carpet downstairs
~Put shelves in the pantry, laundry room and open area downstairs
~Put a dimmer switch in the dining room

I think that's it.  The only room we haven't done anything to is the living room cause that room is perfect as it is!


  1. It's a great feeling to own your own home; it's also a never-ending project of things-to-do once you get there. Each year, throughout the Winter, we talk about all we need to change, fix, re-design, come Spring. Well, here we are and the list is overwhelming, lol. Now, my hubs has this grand scheme (and ALL the wood) to build a giant Tree House for our Grandkids; it's looking so good, I may move into it once it's done!

    Has that stray cat returned?

    Have a great week ahead,

  2. you must feel so accomplished! I may have to be doing all the signing for our house as well at the end of may (can't believe its so soon!) and we are already starting to making plans for the things we want to do like paint and what not. We are buying a house in one of those cookie cutter developments so we got a new house for a great price but there still seems to be so much to be done to make it ours! Were you ever overwhelmed during your customizations? did you prioritize certain tasks? Just wondering and if you have any advice I will be more then happy to hear it!

  3. wow you sure have been a busy girl!!! I am so jealous that you own your own house, what a a great feeling!!

  4. Congrats on one year! That's a lot of progress you guys have made in just 365 days--nice work!


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