January 14, 2014


Last weekend The Man, Munchkin and I travelled to Maine for a wedding of a dear friend, Megan.  My goal was to blog about it on Monday but I’m still recovering.  Flying back and forth across the country has made me more tired than I expected.  The trip was well worth it and I’m so glad we went.

I met Megan in 2008 when I moved into an apartment in a nearby town.  The apartment was in a three story house that had been turned into three apartments.  I was renting the one on the second floor and lived alone.  Megan was renting the first floor apartment and had a roommate she met through Craigslist.  The roommate turned out to be strange (she left a stick of butter on the couch…who does that?!?)

We became friends and we decided to rent a new place together.  She needed a new roommate and I wanted to save money for my upcoming wedding.  Megan is my friend that The Man knows the best (from before marriage) and she helped me cope with his deployment and kept me sane through the wedding planning process.  Oh, the stories we have!

Many Waters My friend Megan

When The Man was confined to the boat for drinking and was unable to fly to MA for Thanksgiving and drive my car back to WA, Megan took on being my co-pilot.  She was not working at the time and was excited to drive with Molly and me.  Many Waters Megan Poe Grand CanyonShe didn’t even hesitate when I asked her.  She even drove over Mt. Shasta in the snow because I didn’t want too.  We had a great time stopping in Ohio, Missouri, Texas (where we made sure to see Cadillac Ranch), seeing snow in the Southwest, a  three hour stop at the Grand Canyon and a drive by the Las Vegas Strip.

I’m been so blessed by Megan’s friendship.  I’m so happy that she has found an amazing guy to take care of and that he’ll take care of her.  I’m sad she’ll be moving out of the country. A silver lining is we now have a great reason to visit Australia! 


  1. She sounds like an amazing friend. I am glad that you go to visit with her and catch up.

  2. You two could pass for sisters. She sounds like a great friend.

  3. Aw, thanks! She is a great friend:)

  4. She is! I don't get to see her enough so it was great to catch up, even if we were busy with wedding stuff!

  5. Congrats to Megan!! I love hearing how people become friends. Your story is so sweet!
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    Also your newest follower on Bloglovin.


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